Stories about Dell Computers

We at ABC are long-time fans of Dell.  Previously only able to be purchased online, their products are  now available through appointed Partner Direct partners throughout NZ. And that’s us! Grunty and reliable, these are quality products that seem to never say die.

A couple of stories from our family: We have one Dell laptop that is still in the family;  10 years old and still going strong in the hands of Wil’s mother-in-law. No reflection either way on Wil’s mother-in-law!

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PC Repairs and Sales

Computers can cause as many problems as they solve if they are unfamiliar to you. However, there are many problems that can be fixed with a phone call (we won’t charge you). They may be easy fixes like an internet set-up or they may be something more complicated. We can help with any problem, our I.T guys are Certified professionals. If we need to see your computer – we are happy to come to you or you can drop your machine to us. Whatever suits. And we pride ourselves on what is probably the lowest hourly rate in town.

We also have access to the latest computers and technology products that we can sell to you at a great price. Compare our prices to some of the big retail chains and then look at what we offer that they don’t; full set up of your computer, advice on software and we can also transfer your data from your other computer/s and set the new system up in your home or office if you require. It’s a great deal.

Web Hosting – 6 Tips for the Unwary

A website hosting charge is the charge for the disk space on the hosts’ server that is taken up by your websites files and also includes a charge for the bandwidth used by the visitors to your site.  There are pros and cons for where to host your site and how much to pay. Following are some explanations and tips that will help sort out the minefield of jargon filled choices available.


Most information websites on the internet are under 10Mb in size, so beware of a company that is offering you unlimited disk space to host your site  – they know also that it is unlikely to be larger than 10Mb.  Don’t go paying for something your are not going to need [Read more…]