Domain Name Purchasing and Registration

Your own domain name is a professional look for your business, even if you don’t have a website. We can purchase your Domain Name for you – at a very low annual fee – and manage the renewal of this for you. You then own the website address of your choosing and at any time can set up email or email and website on this. Until you set up your [Read more…]

Web Hosting – 6 Tips for the Unwary

A website hosting charge is the charge for the disk space on the hosts’ server that is taken up by your websites files and also includes a charge for the bandwidth used by the visitors to your site.  There are pros and cons for where to host your site and how much to pay. Following are some explanations and tips that will help sort out the minefield of jargon filled choices available.


Most information websites on the internet are under 10Mb in size, so beware of a company that is offering you unlimited disk space to host your site  – they know also that it is unlikely to be larger than 10Mb.  Don’t go paying for something your are not going to need [Read more…]