Foodtown Online Groceries – Review

I really, really hate grocery shopping. I moan about it every time I go to the supermarket. And I hate hating something, and I hate whiners so I don’t like being one. I just can’t stand the thought of giving up a precious hour to the tedium of crowded aisles, bad music, bright lights and the forced feeling of gaiety. So, to my rescue – Foodtown Online!

When my children were very small I was one of the ‘early adopters’ of online grocery shopping in New Zealand. Some intrepid South Islander had set up an online store and my groceries were shipped all the way from Blenheim (to Tauranga). This was probably about 1999. It served it’s purpose well at the time, but apart from the vast carbon footprint I was creating it required me to think a day or 2 in [Read more…]