Fair Go has got me thinking….

In case you missed it, this weeks’ episode of Fair Go featured the hassles of extended warranties for electronic goods. In a lot of cases, people are being upsold into purchasing extended warranties for electronics goods, only to find that when they try and claim under these warranties the hassle involved can make them lose the will to live and they were probably paying again for what would have been covered automatically under the Consumers Guarantee Act. I can understand. Well, I can understand both sides of the story really – from a merchants’ point of view electronic goods sales involve very low margins whereas the profit margins on the Extended Warranty sales are huge, hence the incentive to sell them. It’s the same with travel insurance you purchase through your travel agent – commission on your airfares is low – but the commission on Insurance sales is huge! [Read more…]

New Premises!

We’re in new premises in 3rd avenue from the 11th May. We are available at the office by appointment, but are often there, call us on 0800 249 727 before you pop in to make sure if you want to. We’ll see you soon at  Ground floor, Unit 2, 144 Third Ave. See You There! [Read more…]