Domain Names & Websites

Your own domain name is a professional look for your business, even if you don’t have a website. We can purchase your Domain Name for you – at a very low annual fee – and manage the renewal of this for you. You then own the website address of your choosing and at any time can set up email or email and website on this. Until you set up your website or email on this domain, the annual fee is all you pay. The costs vary depending on whether you want a .com a or maybe even a .net address, but to give you an idea, a domain name costs $39.95 + GST per annum.

Once you have your domain name, you can then set up email on this domain without needing to have a website straight away. And it’s a far more professional look to have as your email address instead of or similar. Depending on the number of email addresses you need the hosting of your email will cost as little as $10 plus GST perĀ  month. The hosting cost pays for the space your email account takes up on the hosts’ server.

At the same time – or at a later stage – you can add your website to this domain name also. This will require a little more server space and will add another $10 plus GST per month to your fees.

We can look after all the above, including reconfiguring your computers to your new email settings.