Domain Name Purchasing and Registration

Your own domain name is a professional look for your business, even if you don’t have a website. We can purchase your Domain Name for you – at a very low annual fee – and manage the renewal of this for you. You then own the website address of your choosing and at any time can set up email or email and website on this. Until you set up your [Read more…]

Lenovo G550 Review – These Lappys Are a Bargain!

Hey, they are not the most beautiful things on the planet – but the Lenovo laptops we are selling plenty of at

The Lenovo G550 not the prettiest - but real value for money!
The Lenovo G550 not the prettiest - but real value for money!

 the moment are serious bang-for-your buck.  The specs aren’t specially impressive – Celeron 900 2.2 GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 160GB harddrive  – but despite that they run really well – fast and crisp. They are tough, resilient machines and we currently have plenty going into schools where they get quite a hiding – they are holding up well! Windows XP drivers are available for these machines on the Lenovo site – this is a real plus and at $899 + GST RRP for around a thousand bucks this is value. Compare the usability of this machine with the 15.1″ screen to a similar priced netbook and your decision is made, this is a great buy. Give us a call if you’d like to have a look at one!

New Premises!

We’re in new premises in 3rd avenue from the 11th May. We are available at the office by appointment, but are often there, call us on 0800 249 727 before you pop in to make sure if you want to. We’ll see you soon at  Ground floor, Unit 2, 144 Third Ave. See You There! [Read more…]