Vivienne Tam Mini More Than Just a Pretty Face.

I recently fell in love….with a computer. My friends all thought I was completely nuts until I showed them the gorgeous thing. The new Vivienne Tam mini by HP, named appropriately, ‘Butterfly Lovers’,  is a new level of beautiful – a stunning brushed gold, with delicate transparent red and gold butterflies all over it – total class. This is the second design by American designer Vivienne Tam for HP.  The first one was a pink designed notebook which didn’t hold quite the appeal of this netbook.

Start it up and you will be further dazzled – it has a Quickstart menu, from which you can access skype (pre-loaded here), surf the net or activate the webcam which comes up like a sparkly mirror so you can check your lippy on your way to lunch. Bypassing the Quickstart menu takes you to the main OS; it ships with Windows 7 Home Premium. The desktop comes with it’s own set of icons all matched to the butterfly theme. Even your recycle bin is a beautiful bin covered in butterflies! Click on the Start menu and a pretty red butterfly floats up the screen… aaah!However from a technical standpoint, Wil had to concur that I was onto something, because this little netbook not only looks good, it punches well above it’s weight (a slim 1.22kg by the way.) It comes with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB harddrive, the RAM making it run better than other netbooks which often only ship with 1GB RAM.  This generation of netbooks also has a 10.1″ screen and the keyboard is full size, although the keys on this unit are a bit smaller than normal keys, they do have a bit of space between them for bigger fingers. Also shipping with the mini was an extra 6 cell battery and a matching gold and butterfly covered wireless mouse. So, when you add in all the perks this is a steal at $888 + GST. Cheaper than a designer handbag……

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