Stories about Dell Computers

We at ABC are long-time fans of Dell.  Previously only able to be purchased online, their products are  now available through appointed Partner Direct partners throughout NZ. And that’s us! Grunty and reliable, these are quality products that seem to never say die.

A couple of stories from our family: We have one Dell laptop that is still in the family;  10 years old and still going strong in the hands of Wil’s mother-in-law. No reflection either way on Wil’s mother-in-law!

 The other Dell we have is a laptop used  by our admin girl (lady?). This Dell survived a microwaving (not recommended – a long story!) and after a bit of TLC and replacement of various parts is living again. It is now about 5 years old and still a solid little machine. Contact us or leave a comment and tell us about your happy experience with a Dell. We love good news!  And we have a prize for the best comment! (As judged by us of course!)

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