News About Kobo Encouraging

I am pleased that finally NZ’ers have an E-book reader that we can take seriously. The Kobo (an anagram of BOOK – there weren’t really many options were there!). It has frustrated me for some time that Amazon has not made the Kindle available in NZ – even though you can buy it in Australia and Fiji. And now, it appears we may have a better, and cheaper, option. And I am sure it isn’t a coincidence that the release has been timed in advance of the Ipad’s release in NZ either. Here are the reasons I REALLY, really like the sound of the Kobo –

1. It does not restrict you to it’s own proprietary platform  –  that is you can transfer to and from other devices including your PC, Iphone or Blackberry amongst others – try that with an Ipod or IPad.

2. It will read pdfs – I have lots of e-books that are in pdf format – yay – I can read them on a Kobo.

3. The reader is well supported with a large selection of books available at reasonable prices, and 100 pre-loaded when you purchase the device. They are all classics that are in the public domain, but hey, they are 100 books your may not otherwise have in your library.

4. Battery life. The device isn’t backlit – supposedly easier on the  eyes – so the only time battery power is used is when you turn the page. And you can apparently turn 8000 of them before you have to recharge the Kobo.

5. Price Point – it is $295 which is quite a lot of money, but this is GST inclusive so surely you can buy a business ebook and claim back the GST! If you are a keen reader like myself I don’t think it will take me long to claw back the savings from not having paid $40 for a paper copy of each book I buy. And then there are the savings on shelf -space…and trees! The downside is, unless your friends have a Kobo as well, you won’t be sharing your books around like you otherwise would.

All in all, I have talked myself into it, I am buying one. I’ll post again over the coming months and see if my initial positive thoughts are right! If you want one they can be purchased online or instore at Whitcoulls.

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