You don’t Know What You’ve got Till it’s Gone

If your website is your business, and your site goes down, it’s like having the doors shut to your business. Even worse. No one can even window shop.

I was working on a clients’ site, a business site, not hosted with us, and the server crashed.

The site was down for 24 hours – the doors were shut.

It made me realise, that it’s not until this happens that I appreciate the quality of the hosting service we do use. Not once have we had a server down (touch wood!) with any of our sites. Any hiccups I can phone someone locally on the same timezone as me. They will fix it for me – they have a reputation at stake and I know where they live!

 So, this is the service you should demand, and this is the service you should get.  How much is it worth to you to keep the door open on your  online ‘real estate’ ?

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