iPad Thoughts

Being PC Resellers, Apple computers are not really on our radar – however the giant iPod – the iPad –  is a different animal altogether.

Following many hours reading reviews, conjecture and conspiracy theories from around the web where  –  Apple are planning world domination –  are evil – are dumbing down the internet, I can only deduce that of course Apple are a business so are about making money, and if that takes world domination – so be it. However, it is the duty of consumers to be smart about what they are buying, check it out, try it out, read about it, make your own decision.

The iPad has it’s limitations; there are no USB ports, no onboard camera, you cannot run multiple applications at once (that is – with many ‘windows’ open like you can in Windows) and it does not support Flash.

There is much conjecture on the web about why Apple have avoided making the iPad the complete computing experience, which would require the above items as a given. And, that, I think spells it out – it is what the iPad is not that explains where it is pitched in the market. The iPad will not replace your computer or your laptop.  It will replace your iPod. It will offer a better movie viewing, picture viewing and web surfing experience than your iPod plus e-book reader functionality, but you will not be taking your iPad to work – for work that is. You will still need a real computer and a keyboard for that. The iPad is a leisure device, not a work device and your buying decision will be aligning the iPad with the iPod and even consoles like the PS3 and XBox or an HD TV. And unlike those devices, the iPad may be like the iPod and only be a single user device.  They may encroach a little on the market for netbooks, but I don’t believe they are a replacement for the netbooks that are used for school students or for a PC or Mac or a laptop.

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