The Four Hour Work Week

I have been a long time fan of Tim Ferris and his book The 4-Hour Workweek., which is an attention-getting title for the concept of ‘lifestyle design’ using 21st Century technology and tools to make a life where the actual ‘work’ you do (the definition Four Hour Work Weekof work being that which you are required to do to earn an income, rather than that which you choose to do for pleasure, or money, or both) is limited to a bare minimum, freeing up time to do more of what you love without sacrificing the income you require to do it.

 Tim is a master of self-promotion and rightly deserves his guru status, particularly among Gen-Y males, for whom the appeal of a globally nomadic, surfing and skating lifestyle is of course preferable to the 9-5 grind. However, the appeal is also there for Gen X’ers, who however may require a bit more lateral thinking to make this dream lifestyle a reality. But it’s about time Gen X started using their kids as a reason, not an excuse.

Tim is a very smart guy, Princeton educated, and his blog shares thoughful, measured and interesting articles on aspects of lifestyle design – body building, language learning, dancing, travel – all those interests you may have time for when you are no longer working for ‘the man’.
Tim tests, measures, proves and tests again literally everything he does. Not for him I suspect is the ‘go with your gut’ approach. So, for those of us whose approach is more instinctive, it’s great to hear ideas from the guy who has made sure it really works.

As with most successful people, Tim has his critics and naysayers – however, they must feel particularly threatened in Tims’ case, because many seem unneccesarily nasty. Many miss the point entirely by thinking they can prove him a fake if he works more than 4 hours a week. Hmm, maybe a little miffed they didn’t think of it first? 

Get the latest edition of the book here. This is the re-released version including heaps more content and real-world case-studies of people who have had success using the tools in the book. I am still thumbing through my 1st copy – awaiting my updated-one – hopefully it will arrive before I go on holiday..!

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